Are You A Unicorn?

Mar 26, 2020

Have you ever met a Unicorn? I have, and she was and still is wonderful. Of course we often think only of ourselves, right? I mean is there any value in this blog post for you? Well, let's find out.

The Unicorn

Some people enter your lives and you wonder how that happened. We actually bonded over a Helicopter manufacturer that she previously worked for, and the company has quite a reputation. If you don't know much about Helicopters, there are two manufacturers in the Deserts of Mesa Arizona. They both have wonderful colorful histories, one is a bit quirky too, one might say, companies, organizations can also be Unicorns.

Being a desert rat myself, I was excited to meet this new co-worker, I knew she would have stories to tell, and I wanted to find out if the rumors were true. And I did and they were, and I wasn't disappointed. And yet, I will not tell her story, because it is for her to tell.

What I found out was that she was quirky, edgy, and just fun to be with. And although we only worked together for less than a year, it was a pleasure. Two memories stood out from this relationship one was her declaration that she was indeed, a Unicorn. And that might cause you to pause and wonder of our sanity. Her's for making such a bold statement, and mine for actually believing it! And yet, it became clear that she meant we all are really different, and we have something to add to those we are privileged to come in contact with.

I agreed with her naming the human condition, "Unicorn" and yet my engineering and mathematical mind went more for "Outlier". In reality, these two terms are nearly identical. It's those gifts we have, that are so strong, they stand out from others. It's what makes us unique, different.


And yet so much of our lives are about conformity, especially in technical fields, manufacturing, medical, computing, software, there's a drive to reduce variability. It is often called Six Sigma in corporations working to ensure quality products and services are delivered. And it is an excellent goal, to have products produced to a narrow standard, so that safety is ensured, and the processes, products, and systems will all work as expected. And of course the predictability is improved. You know, many people don't like ambiguity.

Then I realized people are not to be squeezed into conformity, and yet it's hard not to see it in our world today. From the workplace, to politics, to sports, to art, to Hollywood, and especially religion, one better stay in the center, don't display any uniqueness, you will confuse people, stay in your swim lane, or you may be called out.

It's a sad thing that many people do not fit in with the average person, or at least what many seem to be drawn to do, create the boundaries of what's in, and what's out, as if there is such a thing. A favorite book of mine is "Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them"  by John Ortberg. We are all different, we all have outlier gifts, and thus we are Unicorns, and we may want to let our freak flag fly!

What's In My Head?

This first blog post of mine, ever, just came to me naturally. I suppose it's when I told her I was writing a book, and her Father was in town and the both expressed interest. She's a fun Unicorn. And she was one of those people that helped bring out my passion to let you all know, "I have something to say".

After a few months, in her Unicorn way, she told me, "People should pay you to find out what's going on in your head." And I think I agree with her! So my book will soon be available, June 2, 2020. It will only be about $9.99. I believe it will be life changing for you, as the Irish are very fond of "Life changing people."

Spiritu Ambulatio

Yeah, that's in my head. It should be a descent translation from Latin for "Walking in the Spirit". I'm not really sure because I don't know Latin,  not much latin is in my head, so you won't be paying for that.

But these two words, and their potential meaning to us, is powerful. There was a man about 2000 years ago that had a lot in his head too. He was giving it all away, many listened, some understood, but really the way it ended, no one could see it coming, he was murdered for what people thought was in his head, and he didn't care to defend himself, because he was the only one who knew. It was his purpose to come and die.

That man has been a mystery from the beginning. His closest friends didn't recognize his identity, and certainly not his Why or His Purpose. Yes, they occasionally thought they knew who he was, and what he was up to, but they really were just guessing. Even after miracle of miracles took place, he was resurrected from the dead, they still didn't get it. Mary thought he was just a common Gardner.


Yeah, that ought to have you puzzled. It turns out first Pope, Peter, he was a bit off. Even after the resurrection, he still didn't get it. He was restored to a Great Relationship with the mystery man, but he was still concerned about how he compared with his friend, John. And the resurrected one was not too pleased and scolded him, "What Is That To You? You Follow Me!"

Yeah, that must have been some scene. And 40 days later, the mystery man went into the sky and told them to wait for the power from on high to come upon them. And they did, and that power worked through many people for 50 years. People were changed, religions made peace with one another, not all, but there was a movement amongst people that were forever separated. And yet, the mystery man was gone.

It's been kind of a mess since then, and even in the last 500 years, we are thinking we have all the answers, and we have gone back to separating ourselves from one another. I'm not talking about physical separation from one another, and yes, I'm referring to this crazy situation we have with a virus.

Today, It's as if he never came. We don't even have the right questions, yet alone answers.

I offer my question to you, did that Holy Spirit stick around?

I think he did and I believe the Living God is still in control.

May the thoughts in my head, be worth every penny.


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