Your Guide Today

Hey, thanks for checking out the Sixth Sola. I am the creator of Sola Spiritu Ambulatio. Why study Martin Luther and John Calvin, when you can just be your own unique version of greatness, right?

You are you, and I am me. This is my legacy, to end this 500 years of Reformation and guide us to the next 500 years of Transformation including learning to Walk in the Spirit. It's been there the whole time.

Is anyone listening?

Ok, who am I? Just a "guy".

That's right, is that not what we all are? Humble human beings that enter into this world and either figure things out, or sleep through our own movie.

The early parts of my movie involved a couple of religions. Coincidently, the Roman Catholic Father, and a Presbyterian Mother that decided she would pretend to be Lutheran to make everyone happy.

This is what you get with that mix. A real rebel or real radical.

Earlier in the movie, I gravitated toward mathematics and engineering. You may find me telling stories from my Aerospace adventures. All terrestrial Aerospace, but it mostly involves the many people I have met along the way, that have influenced me for good, for bad, and all things in between.

My desire is to influence you for the best possible outcome on your transformation.

It starts with embracing YOUR uniqueness, your own unicorn nature, all while following Him, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, the great mystery creator, then living out your Purpose. Your calling, you have it, it's in you. Let me guide you from being religious to being the Spiritual being you were created to be.

Have You Self-Identified?

If not, let me know you are there, I aim to guide all you heroes in the Universe.