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The Purpose of The Sixth Sola

Do you struggle with a sense of purpose and living every moment in the Presence of God? And therefore its often difficult to be confident that you are on your own unique path that God has called you to follow Him. I help people by describing and modeling a daily process which allows you to transform from a consumer of spiritual knowledge and information to taking ownership over your spiritual journey so that you can be confident in your relationship with God and use your unique God given gifts and serve Him and His creation with your entire moment by moment living. All while walking in the Spirit and bringing fruit of the Spirit to those in your world.


The Sixth Sola is Published!

It's my joy to present a transformational message for us to follow him. It's the Great Relationship that God has always desired for us to walk with him. It's not in the Garden, but is in this broken world.

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The One Chapter A Day program is your daily workout! In a brief overview, the reading program is explained and a tracking sheet is provided so you may get started.

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