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Then it's time to get into The Spiritual Gym To Build Your Spiritual Muscles - This Is The Place To Learn The Sixth Sola Method


Follow Your Life Source
Embrace Your Uniqueness
Intentionally Live Your Purpose

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The Sixth Sola is the result of a scripture reading plan focused on the writings and life of Paul. 

This is The Sixth Sola Method.


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I look back, and I now understand that my faith is due to the Holy Spirit. There was a moment of awareness that came to me, and only as I look backwards, do I understand.

Living forward, I see the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures. Let me explain these two courses in this video.


"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."

Soren Kierkegaard



3 Day Challenge


A Hands On Experience On What John Recorded About The Holy Spirit in His Gospel


  • Electronic Journaling

  • Coaching During The Process

  • Discover Your Own Style


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Sixth Sola Method Course

How To Electronically Journal Your Spiritual Transformation


  • How to Electronically Journal Your Life's Journey
  • How to Read Through Scripture with Intent on Transformation
  • Discover Tools To Dig Deeper
  • Learn To Focus on Life Changing Principles As Opposed To Only Gaining Knowledge
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